Udc 2 Day Giraffe Blow Out Sale!!

The 2 day Nimbus Giraffe Blow Out Sale starts midnight April 14th to Midnight April 16th!! Never seen before prices, never will again…Located in the easy to find Sale section on our website!!

Here is a link to the sale section:


If you have ever wanted a giraffe, now is the time to get one!!! Spread the word! It’s killer deals! :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

dam this isnt fair id love a giraffe but

  1. i dont have the money
  2. i dont live in america-land, if they are doing the same here in england id think about borrowing money.

That convertable 5ft to 7ft giraffe is on sale all of April. Is it even more on sale now? If it drops under $250 I might snatch it.

1-wheeled-grape is on the same level as me, i don’t live in america land, are any other unicycle.com’s (ie australia’s hopefully) doing these deals?

Well if they’re doing it because of the amount of stock they have (or to increase that particular UDC’s sales…) then I’d assume it’s only USA because they all have they’re all independent.

yeah, unfortunately that was what i was thinking…

in that case, what do you reckon my chances of getting one shipped are… cos unless it costs $120, it will still be cheaper. only problem is they probably wont do it.

They’re pretty cool, I bet it you called them you could talk 'em into it.

Yeah, they are going to replace the multiwheels (and maybee others) w/ ISIS hubs.

Is it midnight yet? Its midnight here and I’m not noticing a difference.

The convertible giraffe just went down to $209! Too bad I don’t have any money :frowning:

EDIT: They lowered it all now!

I wish they’d put the Torker TX on sale.

I can’t believe this, UDC went down just as I was checking out and trying to buy the 7 footer. Stop slashdotting the site you bastards.

Yes. I know own the coolest 5 - 7" convertable giraffe ever! (coolest 'cause it’s mine!) $50 to ship though, ouch.

i just bought my friend the 5-7 foot giraffe for his birthday. at prices like that i just had to buy one! :smiley:

Mine’s already shipped!!!

No smiley? Why on Earth would you need an ISIS hub on a giraffe? That should only be necessary on a specialized one, such as one made for Trials or MUni. For regular “giraffing” you’re gong to be just fine. My giraffes all have one-piece cranks which, now that I think about it, are probably a lot stronger than square-taper setups, but I still don’t think you need anything more unless you’re hopping or otherwise beating on it.