UDC 12 days of Christmas

So Unicycle.com is sending an email each day for their 12 days of Christmas.
The email just has a picture of a Christmas tree and a new ornament is added each day, not showing what is actually on sale.
I click on the image and it brings me to udc’s website and their sale items.
But it looks just like the previous day’s sale items, but probably with more items added?
But which items are newly added? I have to do my own difference every day?
And if I order an item today, and then tomorrow there’s another item I want, I have to order again. There’s a free shipping code, but it’s not really free to UDC, so wouldn’t it just be better to put all the items for sale up at once?
If my second choice item is on sale now, should I wait for the last day of the sale to see if my first choice becomes on sale and then make my choice?
I just don’t get it.
Why not just put all the Christmas sale items up all at once?

Last year I mentioned this to UDC and was told customers like it this way.
Do we?

Yeah, I totally agree with you. In the past years there was only a few items and the deals were pretty good. This year it seems like they just show the closeout items every day… Seems like most of that stuff has been on sale already.

I thought the coupon they sent out for 25% off was a great deal, I think a lot of people took advantage of that. So far the “12 days of christmas” is eh…

You need to put in the daily code to see the discount of the day. They are only adding one sale item a day. Try the code. It changes daily.

Oh, thanks for the heads up. I’ll give it a try.

When I was using the mobile website, everything would look the same. But when I scrolled down to the bottom for “view full site,” then clicked on the 12 days sale, all of the new sale items would show up and the old stuff below those items.

I just bought some stuff from them, but will say that all of their sales lately seem heavily based on trials unicycles and gear.

That’s great.

If you actually ‘like’ trials.

Yes, it’d be more efficient to receive just one e-mail with the list of sale items, or a link to them. I unsubscribed from their mailing list due to the spam. Whoever thought of that e-mail spamming idea needs to be put to work doing something else, because they failed miserably at marketing.

Same reason I stopped my Facebook notifications for ‘unicycle chat’… :roll_eyes:

The new Impact unis look sweeeeeeeet, sadly I’ve never even ridden a 20" and don’t plan to. If they sold a 29er version I’d be on that in a heartbeat :wink:

I checked-out today and saw the code “mistletoe” was 10% a full priced item. My items were on sale, so it didn’t help.

Are all of the 12 days 10% off?

I checked one day last week and it was 15% off.

I was a bit disappointed because I didn’t spend $300 to get the automatic free shipping, so I had to use the SHIPMEFREE code instead of the discount code. It sucks you can’t use more than one.

I’ve been checking it most days. The most i’ve seen was 15% off, the least has been 10%.

Yeah, it blows that you can’t use the free shipping deal as well.

I saved almost 100 bucks on the 26 muni I just bought after thanksgiving, I can buy a bit more at 15% off and not feel too bad :slight_smile: I’m glad UDC exists and has so much cool stuff I wanna buy.

Don’t get me wrong, I love UDC. However, they are not catering directly to my interests at the moment, which is unacceptable.


Motorized chariot racing and Competitive duck herding? :slight_smile:

Exactly. See, someone understands.

Today the code is “christmas”. And it’s 20% off.

Great… except, what if you made a purchase a few days ago. If you bought a high end uni you could have waited and saved an extra $80. That would bother me.

If this sale has the same format next year, I would wait until the last day to purchase any full price item.

Thanks for mentioning this. I think Santa ordered a 24 inch mountain unicycle today. An item that wasn’t making it onto the 12 days of x-mas list.

I didn’t know where else to post this…

Today I received a package from UDC. I ordered a KH pivotal seat post. In the box was the standard paperwork: invoice, unicycle.com decal, etc. But also I found a note from “Kevin,” telling me to “keep it pink, baby!” Either this Kevin knows my name and obsession with purple and pink unicycles, OR this is a secret message from UDC that I need to crack!

So which is it?! What does it all mean? And who is Kevin?

(I’m a nursing student. This is the most exciting thing that has happened to me all day. Help me out here.)

Hmm. Usually all I get from UDC is a ‘lack’ of enthusiasm. This is quite puzzling.