udate...LUC Custom Jersey

Yay! for the low-low price of $25, the Sugoi custom art department is redrawing my graphics :slight_smile:

The order is going on monday…and I will have exact prices (right around $60) then.

People can still get in on them if they want…

I did tell you i wanted one, didn’t i? THey look amazing! I c’ant wait.


I have these names so far:

dylan wallinger
and enough LUC’rs that don’t post here (although I keep telling them to) to fill the 12 min order and then some.

Sounds great Sofa… looking forward to sporting your club’s jersy out west here.


Hopefully I’ll have enough money for one when they come in!


OK, prices are in :slight_smile:

All prices are Canadian, shipping incl (you may have to pay something extra like customs or whatever, if you live outside canada…I don’t know)

If you live in Canada, send me $60
If you live In the US, send me $65
If you live in UK, send me $70

I will accept money order, or Paypal.
Let me know what size in an email (I got yours already, Erin)

Please note that I will not be sending out any Jerseys before I receive payment in full.

The order goes out on Monday, and it will take up to 8 weeks

Thanks everyone