UCSB Unicycling

I’ve seen a video on youtube called UCSB Unicycling, that features people riding at UCSB (go figure :roll_eyes: )
Anyway, I was wondering if anyone knew who was in the video (or if it’s your video, random reader, then send me a PM)

I’m going to be riding at UCSB on sunday with Terry, and I just thought it would be cool to see if there are any riders still there. :smiley:

That is Jess Riegel (unicyclejester.com)
He is studying in France this semester so he won’t be there this weekend.

Yeah I already told him that like a day ago…I guess he forgot!:smiley:

alright man, thanks

Does anyone else go to UCSB and uni?

there was another guy riding too…blonde with dreads