UCSB Unicycling - 10 min. video of muni and trials on my school's campus

Over the weekend I was able to ride around my school, UCSB, quite a bit. I did some muni, some trials, and a little bit of street stuff. My friend Eric who started unicycling November last year makes his first (albeit brief) appearance in this movie. I also rode with Eyal Aharoni one of the days, and he and I are going to make a separate video of just him.

I have a lo-res and hi-res version for you. I strongly recommend that you download the high quality version - there is some spectacular scenery that you just have to see in better quality!

Both versions are WMV:

High: 86.5 mb’s
Low: 45.8 mb’s



pretty nice men

Nice riding, and some good editing in the video, too. I like the hop-over-the-camera shot and the riding-backwards-out-of-the-frame cut to gliding forwards. And before that last shot, I was thinking “Jess really is good at not biffing too hard when he falls.”

its down loading now…ill report back ASAP

yes…i had been waiting for the next video by you… i watch the videos on your site like all the time…it was accually “venice beach unicycling” that made me want 2 get one


That was fun to watch. Nice job on the rails, the last one looked like it hurt a bit. Awsome vid.


Dude, you outta see Jess when he’s riding hard Muni with the SB gang. He’ll go for anything, of course, and when he pitches off and should by all means kill himself, he somehow almost always manages to run the thing out. It’s the damnest thing I’ve ever seen. He’s got faster feet than a NFL running back, does Jess.


Way to do it Jess! That was some beautiful filmography. Watching you try to still stand on that pyramid blew my mind! but you nailed it! PLus a couple of those gaps around it were huge.

Crap. there i go commenting on specific lines. At that rate id have to list every line you did. They are all nuts! nice work

…such a nice view from your dorm :astonished:

Nice Man! I like the stopmotion bit you had in there.


Hey nice angles and the photography was really cool. Great idea to shoot at dusk. Was that on a Sunday evening? … Desolation College. Nice job on interspercing the scenic views with the riding. I like that fisheye lens, too.
I loved the shot with the sun setting behind the tower. Shows a lot of artistic talent. Man, the campus looks like it’s filled with trials playgrounds.

Riding was, ehhhh, okay;)

Seriously, nice riding.:slight_smile:

I liked that one muni part were you were zig-zaging through that twisting dirt part…

And most everythiong else too. :slight_smile:

argh, filesize too big for my crappy “broadband” :frowning:

Nice riding, and I loved the editing. Very awesome.
Where was that shot at that had all of the people in a theater cheering? Is there a story behind that?

Yeah, and what about the cop shown with a telephoto?

that was ace, that fall on the rail was bad auch

That is totally awesome. For someone like myself who has only been unicycling for just about a month, it makes the video that much better; as it makes me realise what I cannot already do. I was literally sitting at my computer with my mouth wide open at some points.

Nice movie like I expected.
But can you tell me witch uni’s you used in this movie?


Fun video, one of my favorites on here (mostly cause of the length…I could watch these videos all day).

I also like it very much and whatch it several times a day :slight_smile:
It also on http://www.unicycle.tv , thanks Jess.

nice movie