UCI World Cup Women's Cycling 2005 March 6, 2005

Hi, I went to the UCI World Cup Women’s Cycling 2005 March 6, 2005 in
Wellington, New Zealand, and have pasted pictures on my web site at
www.brucepool.com/worldcup.htm. This is not a commerical site - just willing
to show my photos.

What the? Who’s this? Wrong newsgroup methinks :roll_eyes: .

I was there wacthing it this afternoon too. Quite exciting early on with the break…I don’t know if it had anything to do with unicycling though. Great circuit through the centre of town- amazing to see the gear those women were spinning up Boulcott St.

I did contemplate riding my unicycle around to cheer them on, but I’m still recovering from yesterdays Karapoti Classic. I can hardly walk today.

And I can’t seem to get the website to work either?


This link should work for those interested. Nice pics Bruce!