UCI events and Unicycles

I was recently told that I could not compete at a local mountain bike race on my unicycle because according to the UCI (International Cycling Union) all riders had to be on TWO wheels. Is this true? I looked at the various rules and failed to see that language explicitly nor did I see anything explicitly prohibiting unicycles from UCI sanctioned events. I could be missing something? So for precedence purposes has anybody on this forum ridden a unicycle at a UCI sanctioned event or know somebody who has? If there is a precedent then perhaps I could cite that to help persuade the race committee, who said BTW that USA Cycling had no problem with unicyclists in their events?? :thinking:

They have a lot of rules, I’m sure one of them will disqualify you from taking part.

Looking through some of the moutain bike rules; the only things that jumped out was that you needed a handlebar sign to take part.
They also say that an bike used in the race must conform to current mountain bike standards. You could argue that a uni isn’t a bike, but I don’t see it working.

Good luck convincing them.

Yeah I know it’s a tough sell. But after reading through most of the relevent rule sections it seems the overall theme is to prevent some cyclists from gaining an unfair advantage over other cyclists. So as far the “spirit” of the rules goes I don’t think a unicycle is providing any advantage over a bicyclist. About the only case I can think of might be in an event which has A LOT of hike-a-bike, in that case hike-a-uni is much easier. It’s all good, there are still plenty of non-UCI events out there to do :slight_smile: