UC Irvine unicycle tour


If anyone is interested I am giving a unicycle tour of UC Irvine with the unicycle club of Orange County this Sunday. Anybody is invited. The ride will start at 4:30 at the IN n Out on Campus Drive in Irvine. For more info respond to this post or e-mail me at abrody@uci.edu

I’m going, as is my friend Chuck. I don’t know anybody else on campus who has a uni, though. There are a couple who kinda know, but don’t have unis and/or wouldn’t be able to keep up.

My sister goes there. Too far for me though.

That’s cool! Does she ride? What year/major is she?

This is her first year, she is majoring in civil engineering. She can ride a little bit, she can ride forward and turn and sometimes mount.

get her to ride with us!

A friend I taught how to uni goes to school there. I’ll let her know, if she doesn’t know already. Her name is Cristina Stafford.


We are looking for other hidden riders at UCI. I’m sure there are many who just have not been found! Anyone in the area who is interested should check out our club tommorow.