Uber Coker wheel in Canada

My understanding is that Ryan Atkins has der uber Coker wheel or a friend of his on this forum has it. Der uber Coker has a Chinese prototype hub that I reworked entirely. Dave Stockton laced it to one of his perfect wheels. There is a busted geared hub in Arizona. It’s another one of my Chinese prototypes that Steve Howard reworked. It would be cool if der uber Coker wheel is not being used to let the guy in Arizona use it to continue his RTL training. The uber Coker is owned by Kris Holm and is somewhere in Ottawa, I think. Can whoever is presently associated with this wheel PM or otherwise contact me? Especially Kris who technically owns it.


I saw this wheel in a pic of Nathan Tappin (Ntappin here). He said he was keeping for RA as he was short on space. You should PM him.

Hey Harper I PMed you. Danni is correct I’ve got it. I only use it to mess with friends so if someone can actualy use it for serious use then that would be amazing. (I would also be rather impressed since its quite the heavy beast)

Cool. Thanks, Nathan. I’ll try to contact Kris. I don’t know how to reach Ryan. Hopefully we can take this to a mail list soon instead of the forum.