U2 preview at NUC

Hey Everybody,

Sounds like NUC went really well.

I’m interested to know if anybody here caught the preview for UNiVERsE 2 at the public show and if they have any comments on it. Pretty much what they showed is a rough draft of what i’m working on for the intro of the video.

Any comments, complaints, suggestions?

How did the crowd react to it?


Re: U2 preview at NUC

The vast majority of females squealed excitedly when Jacinto or Josue were on screen, and Harper wet himself. I checked.

I liked the ‘these Dudes are headlining’, name/stunt format- let’s you know that even if you don’t know who they are, you should. Failed attempts/crashes are always a good thing to include, just to let everybody know just how bad-ass these hombres are.

Thanx for the peek- it was like Christmas, but better, and without the snow.


It was too short :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

Nothing like an adrenaline rush just sitting in your seat! I can’t wait to see it available for sale!:smiley:

Re: U2 preview at NUC

The trailer served it’s purpose.
I can’t wait to buy it! The was the reaction of the our whole household and
most of the team as well.
The best thing about the UNiVERsE videos is that it is something we can share
with everyone, not just those who ride unicycles.
Barb K.

Adrenaline rush is right! An awesome mood creator.

Is the deadline gone for submissions?

There’s no doubt the crowd LOVED it. Major gasps in several places. Many “awesome” kinds of responses.

Perhaps the biggest “whoa!” came at the pedal grap with the 360 vertical seat rotation.

Excellent preview! I can’t wait to see the whole thing. I already put in my standing order for immediate shipment as soon as it’s available.


Is there a website where those who couldn’t make it to NUC can have a quick snippet of U2? PLEASE!!!

I also noticed the tiniest glimpse of what must have been Dylan’s ill-fated drop off the outhouse at the Moab Slickrock Trail. Again too short… :smiley:

Yeah John, that was the outhouse drop… did you also notice my goofy sped up face shot?


i’ll second

i’ll third

thanks for the comments.

there will be 1-2 minute trailer up at www.sykoproductions.com

there is nothing yet, but hopfully coming ASAP. i’m still trying to figure out this website stuff.

btw – the pedal grab to 360 seat rotation is called a seat whip, er, i guess it was a crank grab to seat whip.