U/W progress

Not much time to ride these days, and not much time to write the rides up. However, I’ve now managed 5 short practice sessions on the ultimate wheel and I have got freemounting up to about 60 - 75 % and several rides of ten yards/metres or so. Greatest distance, 16 pedal strokes - 16 metres or so.

Advantages of the ultimate wheel? Half the time, when you UPD, it goes round in a circle and comes back to you. The seat bumpers don’t come loose, and nor do the bearing clamps.

However, I confess that the ultimate wheel lacks the day to day practicality of the conventional unicycle.

More follows.

Can I quote you on that?

Re: U/W progress

Wow, after 5 sessions? I tried it some weeks ago, and it felt like I could spend months before I could ride some metres…



Is this really an advantage? I imagine a raging u/w, as its coming back to you after a UPD and hunt you down the road :slight_smile: :slight_smile:


Another U/W practice session today - but when exhausted by a hard MUni ride a few hours before. In one “purple patch” I did four consecutive freemounts with U/W rides of around 10 yards/metres.

Matched my best ride of 16 pedal strokes, and did a few 14s and a 15.

Bit of psychology. Usually, I ride, fall off, walk back and ride from the same starting point. After a few minutes doing this, and then stopping for a breather, I decided simply to remount wherever I fell off, and to “ride” round and round the car park. Suddenly, I was fairly consistently mounting and riding for anything from 6 - 12 pedal strokes.

But there seems to be a “wall” at about 15 strokes. If only I could beat the magic 20…

My first unpleasant fall too: landed on my unpadded elbow.:frowning:

Not bad progress, considering when I first took it out, I thought I’d never ride it at all.

Do you get tired after the first 15 pedal strokes?
In the beginning I was completely tense and got tired really quickly, before I really got anywhere in the practice session. Once my legs started to shake there there was no power to work with to correct balance.

Resurrecting an old thread, your comment on the UDC website and here say you found a better tyre for your UW than the one it came with, but you don’t mention what it was. I see exactly what you mean about the original - what was your replacement? Thanks.

What size on your UW? On my 24er I switched the stock tire to a Schwalbe Kojak (but it was hard to find…) and on my newly bought 28er replaced it with a Schwalbe Marathon Supreme

Mine’s the 20". I do have a green Qu-ax Qross tyre hanging around which I could try, but I feel like the nobbly bits would stick out. It does have smoother sidewalls though. The other tyre I’ve could try is the one that came on my original Indy which feels a lot smoother, maybe just from age. The one on the UW feels like they selected it to be as sticky and frictiony as possible!

It’s the tyre off my previous Nimbus UW. It’s a Kenda but I can’t see a model name or number. it’s a 24 x 2.125", whitewall with the sort of profile you might expect on a shopper bike (road with a fairly heavy tread).