U trai NI ng (video)

my second online video
say me what you think about it

Im not quite sure what it was but even though it did not have very advanced tricks and it was only filmed in one place I realy enjoyed it :slight_smile:

I’ve never seen that sitting on wheel trick before…it would be kool to develop that into stretching your legs out into a pike position for a few seconds !! :astonished:

I liked the video style too for whatever reason but you were a little repetitive

nice unicycle. It would be nice to have an indoor place to ride other than my really cold barn.

it has been done by a friend of mine you can see it in the galoupiot vid on unicycle.tv

thanks for those comments

normaly there are two cars in my garag:D

onec i made a trick where i stand on my tire and then i jump up to my uni
have you seen this trick befor??

Oh my … that’s gotta be the most creative and unique video i’ve seen before, I love it!

:slight_smile: Pretty good, although, a tad long/repetitive

If you film in your garrage again, try filming from a few different angles. This would help eliminate the repetitive feel.

Do you meen standing on the low side of the tire (the one touching the ground) then jumping up to the pedals? If so, yes, in One Wheel no Limit. A good DVD to have to see how to do many different tricks (mostly freestyle related).

I was saying myself the same thing :angry:

thanks for all this comments
next time i´ll film from different places

but hasn´t xavier collos in his new vid http://youtube.com/watch?v=A4SLVS0pAFg filmed all from one place??

sorry for my english i´m learning it for only some years lol

I hadn’t seen that.

Yes, but his tricks are more varied, the edditing is much better (fast pasted and no lag time between tricks or excessive hopping), and his riding is WAY better.

IMO really good riding makes it much easier to ignore general no-no’s for a good vid. But w/ that particular vid w/ it’s length and edditing style may have been worse w/ different angles.