U-system trials discussion on biketrials.com

Hi All,

Last week I wrote a proposal on the biketrials.com newsgroup about adopting the U-system rules for both bike and unicycle trials, under the name “Freetrials”.

Here’s the link if anyone’s interested in the response:



Sounds good. I’m pretty sure the bike trials guys I’ve ridden with would like it. Two of them have gone into the expert class, and now talk about how it only counts if they make it to “back wheel”. I’ve liked the idea, just becausew I like to ride a line until I get it.

One thing I’m curious about, is a lekk touching the obstacle while pedal-grabbing considered a dab? I find my foot sagging around the pedal and accidentally hiting the obstacle a lot, and I’d like to know if I’d get penalized for this in a comp.


Hi Kris;

I ran these rules past some of the biketrials guys we ride with in the gym. They really liked them. One guy, who is fairly short, especially like the no-Stratodab aspect, which he seemed to think favored taller riders.

In the rules there is a grey area with pedal grabs, because it is almost inevitable that your foot touches the ground in pedal grabs (especially ones to off-angle surfaces).

Generally speaking, if you half come off your pedal and weight the ground with your foot when you pedal grab, then this would be a dab. If you hit the ground with your foot but your weight is still on the pedal (ie the ground isn’t helping you balance), then this is OK.

Trials rules are posted at www.krisholm.com/trialsrules