U.S. parts suppliers?

Hi, I’m looking for a U.S. unicycle parts supplier (preferably on the west coast) for aluminum 6" cotterless cranks. Have tried two bicycle suppliers (J&B and Seattle Bike) with no luck. Does anyone have leads for other suppliers who might have some basic plane-jane cranks?

Thanks, H

Unicycle.com is the place to shop. They’re in Georgia, but their service and prices can’t be beat and shipping charges aren’t outrageous

There is nothing basic and plain Jane about unicycle parts. Unicycle parts are specialized and for a small market (relative to bikes).

The basic aluminum has gone out of favor. Used to be able to get aluminum unicycle cranks from Miyata, but now they’re all steel. It’s hard to find good unicycle specific cranks now. The ones that we have are either poor quality or are retrofits of bicycle cranks.

You can get the Odyssey Black Widow Euro cranks from a bike parts supplier but I really wouldn’t recommend them considering that there are cheaper alternatives now. The Odyssey Black Widow Euro cranks also seat so far down on the taper (with the standard Suzue, Semcycle, Schwinn, et al. hubs) that you cannot fit a dust cap on. That creates an aesthetic issue. That shouldn’t be an issue with the Unicycle.com chromo hub.

The better options are the Nimbus X cranks or the Dotek cranks. But you aren’t going to find either of them in a standard bicycle parts catalog.

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Way back then there were not as many crank choices. The Black Widows were a good choice back then. Now there’s more choices. People are also riding a lot more aggressively now. Back then I used the Black Widows for XC style muni and they worked fine. With todays more aggressive style of muni the Black Widows will not hold up. Big drops and lots of jumping would not be good for the Black Widows.

I have three pairs of Black Widow cranks (150’s 160’s and 170’s). I use them on my Coker now. They’re good cranks for a Coker but there are cheaper alternatives now.

I think mscalisi is referring to what is on the unicyclist.com page in combination with the quote

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