U.S. Nimbus Distributors?

I was curious if anyone knows of some common bicycle distributors that carry Nimbus parts and full unis here in the U.S. I ordered my Nimbus from a store here in town, and they got it to me for a better price than UDC, and I didnt have to pay shipping. The problem is, the only things they could get from Nimbus (at least from that distributor) were Nimbus II Freestyles in different sizes. They told me that if I could find out what distributors sold Nimbus, they would be willing to order me whatever I needed.

Nimbus is a UDC house brand. They design them, get them built and sell them.

As far as I know UDC is the only distributer.

Well, the bike shop that I ordered my 24in from got it from a larger wholesale distributor. And they got it to me for cheaper than UDC had it listed for on their website, on top of free shipping.

I’m pretty sure that Quality Bike Parts (QBP) distributes Nimbus; however, it is the UDC house brand and I suspect that the only uni’s they sell QBP are the basic Nimbus models, and none of the more specialized ones.

I just checked their website and sure enough Nimbus is on the list of brands they carry. I doubt they will get anything but the basic stuff, but it’s worth a shot.

Good to know. Last time I checked QBP did not have any Nimbus products but that was a couple years ago.

Another thing to realize is that if a bike shop in your area is a UDC retailer (and you have a good relationship with them) then you can often get stuff cheeper and save shipping by going through them.

Yeah, my 24in Nimbus was about $45 cheaper from the bike shop than it would have been had I gone through UDC. They charged me $25 less, and I didnt have to pay the (roughly) $20 for shipping.

I talked to the bike shop today, and they said that they contacted UDC and are going to be able to set up an account with them so I can order anything else I need through them.