U.S.A. where are you ?

I hope you will get a response from the USA Secretary, Steve Cernkovich, who is
also on this list. In any case, they are probably sitting on your membership
information waiting for the next issue of ON ONE WHEEL to send it with.

This is an economical way to handle things, but I don’t think its anything other
than a terrible policy; one that leads to lost memberships. hang in there, and
please remember that our people are all volunteers, and sometimes get behind
(especially newsletter editors).

Welcome to the USA!

John Foss former USA president former USA newsletter editor unicycle@aol.com

I can empathise with the recent correspondence about the U.S.A.

I sent a letter in Spetember 1994 requesting information about becoming a
member. I too heard nothing back and assumed they were defunct.

At least, I didn’t send a check, so I didn’t lose any money.

– Chris

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