U.S.A Skills question


Well I’ve never really worked on USA skills levels since what I really enjoy is muni, but since my son is ready for his level 2 I thought I might have a go at it too.

I surprised myself by successfuly completing the left/right freemount without destoying my shins and without too much fuss. The 3 meter diameter figure 8 is a different story- it’s going to be close and I’m going to have to practice. My right side turning is weak (sigh).

The question is, do I have to use the same unicycle for all the skills? I think I will need to use my wife’s 20" uni for for the figure eight but I don’t want to do the drop on her unicycle for fear of breaking or bending the cranks.

Thanks everyone!


Re: U.S.A Skills question

I think you have to use the same unicycle for all the skills in a given level, at least per the U.S.A. rules. There are several versions of the skill level list (IUF, USA, …), but the U.S.A.-rules describe the things to do most detailed.

They are available here:

I don’t think that you will be able to bend a crank on an up-to-date standard unicycle with a 15cm drop. My unicycles all have cheap cranks, and they all have taken these “heights” without any problems ( My weight is approx. 70kg/150lb).


Thanks Juergen,
I appreciate your reply. I was looking at unicyclist.org for the U.S.A. Skills level descriptions.

I’m only concerned because a friend of mine bent a crank and hub on his 29’r doing a couple of light hops. I guess I’ll have to try and land softly. :wink:


What sort of poundage we talk’n 'bout, J? There are a full range of rider weights represented here-bouts… :wink:


Yup, same cycle must be used, according to USA rulebook. Always go to the rulebook for the latest and most complete details about this stuff. Web sites tend to get out of date, and may be only “summarized” versions of the real deal.

In a level test, a tester would probably allow a substitute unicycle only in the event that the one being used breaks in the middle of the level. The replacement uni should be of similar dimensions, unless none other is available. In other words, learn it all on one unicycle, and it will be that much sooner that you can do it all on other unicycles as well! :slight_smile:

Hi Chris,

I’m only 165 lbs plus or minus depending on my recent and ever increasing beer intake. Klaas is said to be bit lighter than me and he twisted the hub on his 29er after a couple of light hops. There was some debate over whether or not the hub was defective though. Never the less the whole thing gave me the idea that I shouldn’t be doing drops on my wifes uni. She actually rides it now! It took her 13 hours and about 6 months to learn but she’s reached Rider level yesterday. Now all I have to do is buy her one of those Wilder Lightriders and I’ve got myself another muni partner, but alas I’m in dream land again. She probably won’t ever go for muni- but a man can dream… (insert Wayne’s World cheezie special effects here). :roll_eyes:



It sounds like your wife and I learned in about the same length of time.

I got my first uni in November (2001) and could actually ride it about April of 2002.

I didn’t practice at all for a while, then I just practiced every once in a while. Is that what she did?


Dude- you’ve GOT to break it; don’t pass up this oppertunity to innocently destroy your wifes ride. Remember to look genuinely remorsefull and utter calming placations about how you’re going to order a brand new cycle right away…

"It’s OK Honney- I’ll have to make a few sacrifices- but you’re worth it!"



Okay Mr. C, you’ve got us full out belly laughing now! :smiley:

Excellent choice of uni by the way. I was thinking of the 6160A model but thanks to your keen guidance on this issue I now realize the error I was making; we have to think big, really, really big. Thanks for straightening me out on this one and I owe you. Maybe someday you can ride my (ahem, ahem) HER nice red yet slighty dulled, mud encrusted Lightrider. (grin)


Yes. She starting learning in September but stopped practicing until spring. She has only practiced off and on and I doubt any of her pratices have been greater than 0.5 of an hour.


Yes, there are several versions online. Even at unicycling.org there are 3 versions: One at the top level, one from the IUF section, and the U.S.A. description.

Oops. But of course rhysling is right: Don’t miss a chance to give another unicycle a new home and shelter! :slight_smile: