U Games, etc.


I think this is an interesting collection of footage.

sick. sick. SICK.

sick video Spencier!!! congrats
only that i didnt like the cut head filming style,but thats only my opinion, the video still being amazing

Ahaha great video! Good song choice for this.

Sick. Thanks Spencer

Thanks for posting that. My favorite part is that someone got most of the really hard trials lines on film.

pause at 1:13

EDIT: Oh and also 2:45 to 2:47

btw, awesome vid.

I love that silver longneck with the blizzard tire, it looks sick.

Jon Atwell’s uni? Try-All tire, not Nimbus Blizzard.

Ah. I heard you couldn’t get those in white anymore, so I was thinking it’s unlikely that he had it.

The original ones were discontinued, but a new, lighter version was released.

Sweet video by the way, I’m glad you filmed Max doing the rope line, I missed it in person.

im a fan of this vid :slight_smile:

+1 to everything already said … great video, loved it :slight_smile:

Awesome vid! I like it:) I hope I’ll be able to come to the next U-games.

That wa awesome :slight_smile: some great lines in there!

nice work spencer

why… WHY did I not go to the U games…

Yeah! :angry: Why not?!?

that looked pretty relaxed. phoenix, baby!