before i start i wanted to let you know that i searched the forums and yahoo and the closest i could find was a forum for trials bikes, and a post here at unicyclist. where can i see pictures and compare prices on trials tires. i’ve heard names like gaz and tryall, but i can’t find a web page for them. if someone could compare the pros and cons i would be most grateful. right now i’m on the stock tyre that came with my torker 19" (maxis i think) which i use for street, trials, and some muni (as much as i can on a 19"). thank you in advance for your constructive commentary.

:thinking: you didnt search very well on the forums


luna tyre is best imho

maxxix cc are alright, but have shocking folding problems ( maxxis cc

…ok, so my search is off. i came up with MR and a bunch of other useless threads, how do you make the search more exact? (so i don’t do it again)