What tyre should i get for my 20 inch MUni???

i think you should get a tire instead

The fattest one that will fit your rim and frame. A monty or Luna is good if you have a 19 inch rim.

i have an alex 19" I am looking for an interesting tyre for it not a classic brick style any ideas?And to the guy who said about getting a tire not a tyre i think you will find that’s the english way of spelling it!!!

No, its just tire. Does england have a seperate dictionary or is TYRE slang?

those brits are butchering our language

yes, that was sarcasm

Thinuniking: Try the monty whiteline, it’s got a slightly rounder profile. Or tryall makes a 19" tire witha different tread. ww.tryall.com ?

The fattest you cna fit on a 20" is aq 2.125 knobby. Any BMX tire will work.

This reminds me of a friend of mine who was in Japan. She met some U.S. Marines and one of them asked where she came from. So she says England, to which he replies, “oh yes, what language do they speak there?”.



When we decided not to have a king, we gave up the King’s English and so made our own english. :smiley: I read somewhere that one of the reasons Dan Webster spelled things differently (not the only reason, by far, but one of them) was to seperate the two countries languages.

Why do Americans always think that their language is right!

do you really think that unicycle.uk.com are going to spell tyre wrong EVERY time???
I know i think people forget we use different spellings for things!!!
(please don’t start jacking this thread i really need a new tyre)

Not certain, but seeing as no-one’s answered the original question, the max daddy here looks alright, fits on a standard 20" rim (ie not a 19" trials rim), and isn’t too big to fit in most frames.
having said that there are uite a few 20" tyres, so if you want a big tyre it might be worth going to a bike shop and having a look.
Ben - I’ve looked for different tyres for trials tyres and I can’t find anything different. I want a slick tyre, but I don’t think it exists.


Ben’s is slick, but not by design… :slight_smile:


Um, you should have checked “our” dictionary first.

I would go for the onza sticky finger for a 20" rim instead of a 19, I happen to have one used about 3 times not in dirt so in good nick. if you want it I can give it to u at buc, 5 quid? email me theunicyclist_3balls@hotmail.com

it’s a 2.4 by the way