Tyres for light muni + road?

Do you ride sidewalk/asphalt, and if so how do you find it regards handling/weight?
I am not too bothered about speed.

Awesome. Thank you tholub.

I’ve used a few 3" tires and any of the dedicated off road treads were terrible on pavement.

The felt berm master is the only tire I’ve used that has a somewhat aggressive tread that performs well on road and off. Keep in mind that it compromises some off road performance, but it’s better than a hookworm.

I can ride off curbs no problem. I haven’t been very good at idling on my 29, I’ve always preferred hopping in place. My handling skills on the 110s are definitely reduced, the first ride was a little dicey, but I have improved quickly. I’m still trying to get my mounting dialed in, that has taken the biggest hit.

Cool. Thanks for the information anton005! I practice on my 29 in the basement so it forces me to practice idling. I hit my head if I hop.