Tyres coming off their bead...

I’ve always had trouble with my Gazz 24x3" tyre coming off it’s bead on my Alex DX-32 rim. Has anyone else experienced this? It’s really frustrating because with the small clearance I have between the frame and tyre I have to let the tyre down and pump it up again in the right position.

Is there something I can put between the tyre and rim to keep it where it should be?

I’m not running a particularly low tyre pressure.


Might different rim tape help in this situation at all?


I had a similar problem with an old 20" rim. I added a strip of plastic to where the bead of the tyre sat and that helped a lot.

You can also add a dab of super glue to the tyre (10 or so small spots around the rim). I do this on my downhilling bike to stop the tyre rotating on the rim but it will hold the tyre in place too. The glue will unstick if you get a puncture or need to change the tyre.


Not unless you Brits have a different definition for ‘rim tape’.

The problem I have is that after a drop or a rough descent, I sometimes think the wheel is no longer true because the tyre rubs on the frame legs. On closer inspection though, the rim is still true but the tyre has either popped upwards from the rim on one side or down too far into it on the other.


Thanks Nick, any particular sort of super glue? Does it have to be super glue?


On road bikes, if you use too narrow rim tape for the rim, this can sometimes mean that the tyre falls into the edge of the bit the rim tape is supposed to be filling up, where the spoke holes are.

I’d guess on a dx32 though that’s unlikely to happen as the two bits will presumably be quite a way away from each other?


Super glue is best as it sticks to rubber and aluminium. It is also easy to apply a TINY drop.

Don’t over do it.

I’d try the plastic strip, first, though. Cardboard would work, too, if you don’t go riding through puddles.

I have something similar with my Gazz. I noticed a wobble in the tire and assumed my rim was out of allignment so I dropped it off at the shop that built my wheel for straightening and retensioning…

He found the spokes and rim are OK, the tire lookes like it is on the bead but must just be off a bit. I haven’t deflated and re-seated the tire yet. I’ll do that this week and see if that fixes it.

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Andrew, check out this thread from a while back. I had the same problem, and I run a Sun doublewide.

gazz problem


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I have done that to a Monty 20" on a DX32. It was awesome, I failed a 4 stair grind and noticed the rubber seperating. I then deflated the tire, tucked the rubber back under the rim, and reinflated. I hit the rail again, landed it and the tube exploded sounding like a gunshot.


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That must have sounded awesome.

Brian MacKenzie has the same problem with his. I rode his muni for ECMW I thought the same thing as you Andrew that the wheel had come untrue so I told him I’d true it for him. It was only a little untrue not much at all. I couldnt get the Gazz on right I deflated it and re-flated it a few times and it still touched so I left it be.

Thanks guys, I’ll try the super glue today before a muni ride and tell you how it goes.