Tyres and gripping the frame.

JOHNSON <johnson@edieng.mrgate.rdgeng.reo.mts.dec.com> writes:
> Apply a strip of grip tape to the frame just where you want you foot to
> grip. I’ve seen it on other unicycles and it works! You might have to hunt
> for the sort of tape I mean but it is very thick and rough. Anyone know what
> it is called?

‘Grip Tape’ I suspect - look in a skateboard shop, it used to come in all
sorts of colours, but I’ve only seen black for a few years… There are
different grades too, there is some lightweight stuff that might be better on
a uni - originally called flypaper and had fly shaped cutouts in it, but in
recent years they’ve had all sorts of different cutouts, or even plain (but
only ever in black) so its probably called something else by now.

Both are sticky backed, but the lightweight stuff is more flexible, and less
sharp (although still quite abrasive) on the skin.