Tyre Testimonials on Maxxis Website.

I recently spotted the ‘Testimonials’ section on the MAXXIS website and decided to enter some comments about how perfect I find the Hookworm for UniHoki.

With a bit of editing my comments have been included.
(I started the piece by saying that I selected the B*cycle category under duress - they cut that out. I ended it off by asking them to tell their marketing department not to forget about the unicycling-segment of their market. They cut that out as well.)

This strikes me as a cheap and easy way of raising the manufacturers’ awareness of unicycling as a potential market.
Do you think taking 5 minutes to make your comments about their products might help future development of more unicycling-specific products?

Send word.

Good work! I would at a testimonial for the creepy crawler but its such a bad tire. : :sunglasses:

tru…it is pretty bad. i much preffer the luna or try-all sticky


I can’t wait until I kill my current tire, so I can go back to the Luna.

Nice… from the way you described their edit, I thought they removed all references to unicycling. Heck, they even included a picture. Nice plug :smiley: