tyre slipping

i had a big problem with my old uni, which is now bent, but it had a maxxis tyre, and the frame was a road uni frame, but weneva i tried to hop up on a slight up slant, the tyre kept giving out and slipping back underneath me, which made me either fall off or lose control!!

im getting a new KH20" Trials, but im not sure if it will do the same or what…

please give me a few hints on why it might be slipping

too be more specific the tyre was a maxxis max daddy

you were running your tire on too low psi…or your rim was too small… try to run your kh uni with the highest psi you can white still being comfy

oh ok, thanx i had a feeling the psi mite be too low

1- Tyre- Use higher pressure and get a luna tire. The Creeepy Crawlers that come obn KH’s now have thin sidewalls and fold over easily

2- form- hop up a slope with your tire at an angle to the slope

mewn the creepy cralwer is a good tire… even tho I ride a luna… haha