'Tyre sliding' on wet logs...

Today I went on my 4th muni ride (I’ve decided to keep a tally) and once again had heaps of fun. It’s been raining all day and while the people at the bike shop I was going to ride with decided it was too wet and misable, I decided it was a perfect opportunity to take my muni out for a ride.

I was riding on a few tracks that are reasonably close (about 5km) to my house. It was pretty easy terrain to ride on with some fun little root drops and rocks and so on, and of course puddles of muddy water. Anyway, I was riding down a hill with some logs and roots over the track and as I rode over one of them, I slid about 15cm to the right and kept going. It was really fun and challenging. Has anyone else done this?


Yeah, we were out for some fine MUni riding over slippery roots after a big downpour that happened earlier in the day too. We did some fine slipping and sliding along those roots, especially the ones that are 45 degrees to the trail. And then there was the mud puddles that at first we approached rather tentatively not knowing the depth to expect or whether the bottom would be firm or tire sucking gushy. By the end of the ride, however, we were just bombing through the puddles with wild abandon. Our fat MUni tires just ploughed through the mud lakes.

All in all, it was great to be riding the trails again and we enjoyed the practice of riding not only through the puddles but also through the big muddy sections. It was so cool to squish our way through the mud bogs and hardly ever get stuck. A few months the same mud bogs would have had me UPD’ing a lot more often.

Oh yeah, then to cap things off we started to experiment with actually jumping off of some of the roots as we rode over them. It was nothing stunning to watch but being our first attempts at trying this new skill it was pretty thrilling for us. (Watch out North Shore, give us another few months!!! just kidding! :smiley: )

Thanks to my MUni partner, Andrea, a great day was had out on the wet west coast rainforest trails.


Re: ‘Tyre sliding’ on wet logs…

Yes!!! It was on MY fourth MUni ride (I keep a tally too) when I was riding on a few trails that are reasonably close (about 3.106856 miles) to MY house. I rode over some wet logs and roots and slid about 5.905512 inches to the LEFT and kept going. Has any body ELSE done this???

Oh, you were just referring to the sliding part, right? (I’m sorry – please ignore me when I’m in one of my silly moods – I mean no harm…)

I was doing some snow riding a few weeks ago and I slid on some ice and kept going. It was really cool. And a weird sensation. But last night, I was blasting UP a slight hill in the snow in the dark (with my new ability to hold the seat handle without falling off the uni) and I hit a tiny patch of ice. Suddenly and without warning there was no uni underneath me. It was really cool! Has anybody else done this?

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Re: ‘Tyre sliding’ on wet logs…

On Fri, 21 Feb 2003 19:47:10 -0600, andrew_carter
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>Today I went on my 4th muni ride (I’ve decided to keep a tally)

If I were you I’d also keep some records of what you found difficult.
It will be fun to read that some time later.

I keep a tally too but not from the beginning.

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That’s an excellent idea. I’ve also kept a record of my various hopping distances before and after my conversion to the 24". I haven’t measured all of the new values but some of them are done:

- Before New 24"

*Cycle Design 20" unicycle
*125mm cotterless Crank Arms
*Viscount Saddle
*Minute Man 20" x 2.1" Tyre

Hop - Seat In: 0.20m
Hop - Seat Out: 0.18m
Side Hop: 1.20m / 1.35m / 1.40m
Forward Hop: 0.90m
Rolling Hop: 1.00m
Drop Height: 1.00m

- With New 24"

*Custom-made 24" mountain/trials unicycle
*145mm Profile 48-spline Crank Arms
*Profile 48-spline Hub
*Miyata Saddle
*Nokian Gazz 24" x 3.0" Tyre
*Custom-made Frame
*Odyssey Twisted Pro Pedals
*Alex DX-32 Rim

Hop - Seat In: 0.35m
Hop - Seat Out: 0.43m
Side Hop: 1.35m
Forward Hop: not as long
Rolling Hop: longer
Drop Height: probably about 1.3m / 4’3"

Muni Rides: 4


  • Riding up hills after doing lots of riding
  • Getting my mind around doing little drops with the pedals at any angle
  • “The Chute” on “No. 9”
  • Not falling off


Ah, the Holy Grail…

Only today I fell in a stream. It was rather soggy.


Okay, Andrew and Klaas have convinced me to resume taking notes about my riding abilities. I was doing this after each practice session while I was learning. Later, it was fun to go back and read about the difficulties of learning to ride.

I will start making some brief notes about challenges and successes. It will be fun to read some day.

“Today I rode up a hill while holding the handle – until today, grabbing the handle made me UPD! I’m so excited!”

“Today I rode all the way across the park without UPDing!!! Amazing!”

Stuff like that…

uni57 (Dave)
P.S. - Andrew, I hope you didn’t take my previous post as sarcasm. I was just being supremely silly by applying your question “Has anyone else done this?” to the entire detailed story. I certainly amused myself with that, but sometimes I worry how others will interpret what I say.

Don’t worry Dave, I liked it :). I’m looking forward to reading your ride observations.


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Well, Unfortunately for me, the closest trails around here only have scrub oak and sage brush-- no pine trees until you get more altitude. Anyway, I haven’t ever slid on a root, but my last ride was so muddy that I couldn’t help but slide! Most times fell actually, but there were a couple of times where I did get some good slides in and rode off.

The worst thing was trying to mount on downslopes-- when you can’t even stand up with the mud so slick, it makes it somewhat hard to mount. :roll_eyes:

Anyway, keep power sliding (as I call it)