Tyre problem on my 24" Beginner Uni

Hi there.

I have another problem with my 24" Beginner Uni .

The tyre bead seems to be coming away from the sidewall - this is the good section:

This is the bad section:

I don’t know how it has happened, I only have about 8 hours on the Uni, and have been careful to keep the pressure at 60 psi and made sure the bead was nicely aligned when I was first inflating the tyre.

So the question is, can i keep riding it like that for now? I am not going hard - just learning in carparks, so it is not like I am at massive risk.

Or is it just going to kill itself immediately if I continue to ride it.

looks like a defective tire. Is the uni a new purchase from a local shop? If so, bring it back for a replacement. If it is an old uni/tire, time for a replacement.

I would be concerned about danger to the rim if the tire gives out and the rim contacts the pavement.

you dont seem to have a lot of luck with you first unicycle.

my first thing to say was make sure you keep your tyre good inflated ( but you did already)

so must be a defective tyre then