tyre pressure

what sort of tyre pressure do people use on the maxxis creepy crawler for street riding genrally jumping on to walls just wanted to know what i should be runnig mine at

All it really is is personal preference. You want the tire to have bounce, but not enough so that the tire folds up and hits the rim. You also don’t want to much air because that will hurt your jumping and your cranks/hub.

Just put a lot of air in the tire and keep releaseing some gradually to what fits you. Air pressure is different for everyone.

Was talking about this with Muniaddict earlier.

I have the same tyre. Whilst im getting use to it all over again, I had it at a high PSI (45).

However, Iv’e now set it to roughly 36ish PSI (not measured it)…
That’s for me and im about 10stone / 140lbs.

But as already stated, it’s just what ever feels good to you! :slight_smile:

yeah, whatever you really like. Im like 120lbs and ive got mine running from 30-35psi probably… i do trial

25 pounds, and i weigh 15 stone. Basically as low as you can go without bottoming out the rim or rolling the tyre sideways on landing.

ok cheers will have to do some experimentation