Tyre pressure indecision........just my inexperience??

I’ve searched the forum and read plenty on tyre pressures however I’m still struggling to figure it out.

The facts are:
KH 29 fitted with a 2.3 Stout tyre, 125mm cranks, I weigh 200lb.
Riding for 8 months. I ride 3 or 4 times a week for an hour or more on either sandy hilly trails with plenty of tree roots and loose scale/stones OR on flat smooth cycle tracks following the local river. No bouncing or hopping , I prefer to power over roots and branch’s, the descents are long and fairly steep and rough and I use the brake alot for control (not so good at climbing yet!).

My problem is I can’t settle on a tyre pressure, on the soft sandy bits 20 psi is great for traction but I think too squashy for hitting obstacles fast and it feels horrible on hard ground, 30 psi is a better compromise on the tracks and feels good on rough descents (although on sandy ascents I think it digs in too much), 50 psi is great on the hard cycle tracks, easier and faster, but feels unstable on the rough, especially over roots and rocks.

So the questions are simply:
Are the above assumptions more in my head (due to inexperience)?
Do other people change their pressures every time they ride on a different terrain?
Am I being naive expecting to find a good comprise to cover it all?
Should I just settle on say 30 psi and learn to deal with it?
Should I be running even lower or higher then 20 & 50 psi?

I’d say so. Even 4x4 off-roaders lower their tire pressure before heading out on the trails & then re-inflate before driving home… Why would a unicycle be any different?

If you can find something that does OK on most terrain and you’re lazy - just go with that but if you want to be particular, or if you ride very different types of terrain, be prepared to adjust as necessary.

Some riders pack along small pumps so they can make adjustments on the trail as required.