Tyre pressure for MUni

I’ve never worried too much about tyre pressure. Just good and hard for road work, and a bit softer for off road. I have always used the cyclist’s traditional pressure gauge: a pinch between thumb and forefinger.

However, now I have a “proper” Muni with a big fat 3" tyre, I’m in new territory. I did a ride today, and tried a few half-hearted hops over small logs. Couldn’t really get any spring or lift. Obviously I have about zero technique.

When I got home, I tested the tyre pressure with a gauge and it was 19.5 psi. That was surprisingly low for me (I’d have guessed 30 something), but I vaguely recall some of you expert types ride with much lower pressures for Muni.

Comments and advice, please?

Generally for real MUni, I would recommend that you run the tire at the lowest possible pressure you can run it without bottoming out. Depending on your weight, on a 3" tire that will probably be somewhere between 15 and 20 psi.

Low pressure won’t suddenly make you into a jumper; hopping is all about technique. Low pressure helps only because it makes the timing easier, as well as the landing.

I’ve been using my Muni with a pretty high tire pressure because the tracks in Holland are quite smooth, you might want to put in as much air as you can and then go to the trail and keep letting some air out till you ride nice 'n smooth, that’s what I do when I’m going for a trials run.



I’m 13 and a half stone and I believe I weigh a bit more than you. I run my MUni tire at 18 psig and it only bottoms on drops of 1 to 1.5 meters. Low pressure like that makes MUnis difficult to ride on pavement. Can I mix any more units in there?

My 3" muni tyre seems best at about 15-20psi, which is ridiculously soft from this cyclist’s point of view. Even my mountain bike tyres (cross-country tyres, 1.9 inch) are usually at 40psi or so. If I’m riding to work, which involves some road riding, I’ll run it slightly harder (approaching 20psi), but really soggy works best for the rocky trails round here. I did actally bottom it out once on a ride a couple of weekends ago, and when I came to pump it up it wasn’t much over 10psi! I’ve heard people say that a rough starting point for a 3" tyre is 1psi for every 10lbs of rider weight. I weigh 12 stone, or just under 170lbs, so by that scale my tyre should be at 17lbs, but I reckon I often run it softer than that.


I ride a 24x3 Duro tire, and I’ve been riding between 20-25 psi. I weigh 150 lbs, and I ride mostly on hard dirt trails, with some soft sand and mud.

I’m new to riding Muni, so I’m not sure if it too much psi, but so far it seems good. I can tractor thru tough terrain, and pick up good speed on easier sections.

how bigs your tire? how bigs the uni? how many millimeters thick are your shoelaces?