Tyre developing cracks/splits after only a few months?

Hey everyone, I hate to (yet again) bring the topic of flat tyres up again. But this one’s weird. I grabbed this tyre: http://www.tritoncycles.co.uk/components-c9/tyres-c125/halo-twin-rail-2-multi-29-x-2-2-tyre-p3277 A couple of months back (I posted raving reviews about it at the beginning of April). I love it for the half-slick tread design, and it’s stood up to thorns and glass better than my Kenda tyre. That is, until now!

I realised something was a bit off when I got a puncture every time I went out for a solid week. 6 punctures in 6 days. I was suspicious, as three of them caused air to audibly spray out the hole in the tyre (While I was riding) which I’ve never had happen before. I could even feel it with my hand if I jumped off and hovered my hand over. These are BIG holes.

I always make a habit of checking the inside of my tyre after a puncture (Thorns round here usually stay in). There wasn’t anything on the inside, however after each puncture there was always something embedded in the tread, inside what looked more like a split than a puncture-hole, and it’s almost always on the central ‘rail’ of the tyre tread.

I know rubber doesn’t last forever and usually starts cracking with age… But two months? I’m not even sure what to make of this situation. I’ve chucked my Kenda tyre back on, but I’m missing the speediness of my slick, and am reluctant to throw it out in case there’s anything I can do to resurrect it. Is my tyre done for after only two months? Bikers have reviewed this tyre saying it’s lasted them years.

Photos attached, but my camera is junk so the pictures might not show. There’s five photos but I found maybe 8 different similar holes… Does this tyre need replacing, or should I just up my game on puncture protection? :smiley:

2014-07-06 01.33.43cropped.jpg

2014-07-06 01.39.14cropped.jpg

2014-07-06 01.39.47cropped.jpg

2014-07-06 01.40.46cropped.jpg

2014-07-06 01.47.24cropped.jpg

It sounds to me as though you have a tyre from a faulty batch.
Perhaps the rubber compound has not been manufactured correctly.
Tyres should last a few years before aging.
I would go back to the supplier, then the manufacturer.

If you get no satisfaction, then as a last resort Twitter is a very effective tool, as manufacturers tend to monitor adverse comments and resolve issues in double time - (This is from personal experience).

Article on the Schwalbe website about tyre wear and aging may also be of use.

I suspect the tire you bought had been on the self for a number of years. I have seen the same thing happen with MTB tires.

I just thought it was odd that it’d age on the tread first, not the sidewall. I’m going to contact the shop and see what they say about it :sunglasses: