Tyre cushiness?

I was wondering … how much cushier will my 24" x 3.0" Gazz tyre be compared to my current 20" x 2.1" tyre? Since I’m combining the tyre with an Alex 24" rim, will I be able to run a really low tyre pressure and will this help much with hopping (particularly long jump for UniNats)?

My new 24" muni will be heavier than the 20" but I’m hoping that the extra bounce in the tyre will make up for this and that it will end up a better uni for hopping and dropping. What do you think?

Also, how does a 24" x 3" Gazz compare to a 20" x 2.5" Monty tyre? I’m asking because I’ve ridden a unicycle with a Monty tyre and it was very nice and I want to know just how cushy mine will be. Is the Gazz as ‘deep’ as the Monty? By the depth I mean the distance from the outside of the rim to the outside of the tyre.

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first, the gazz is slightly deeper than a mod tire.

Second, it is very likely that the extra bounce will make up for the weight, it does for me.

I wieght 215 lbs and I run between 20-25 psi, so oyu should be able to run 14-18, which is quite low, which translates to extra grip, and bounce.


Thanks for all that. What’s a mod tyre?


Hi, my name is Chirs… and I weight 180 lbs. I love you guys. Oh, what? Wrong group? Uh… sorry.

I pumped mine up to a wopping 19 pounds this last week end, and felt like it was a bit hard; I usualy run it between 9-14 pounds. The lower pressure is good for taking the bounce out of descents… and bottoming out your rim :slight_smile: (it’s OK- Alexia can take it). I once let Tommy and Lewis talk me into bloating it up to 26- the damn thing felt like a size 12 pary dress after a bout of binge eating and jarred my bones when trying to bouncey-bouncey.

On real fast descents and rooty rises, the low tyre pressure allows the wheel to luft over low obsticles and suck some of the energy out of fast spins.

Max, have you tried the Fireball yet? I thought you had…


Mod = Monty type tire. I say mod because it’s more generic, made my at least Plasmatic, Luna, Onza, Monty, and possibly others.

Heck ya I’v tried the Fireball. I love it. I’m gonna ride the Snowy parade with it today (because I dont have time to swap for the intense, and I dont wanna ride my dads Muni, I would break it).

Thanks. 9-14psi is a big jump from the 35-45ish psi we use for mountain biking.
What’s a fireball?


notice the avatar, It’s a big, light, bouncy, grippy 24x3 cruiser tire that happens to work perfectly for stock trials, it’s too bad there arent that many anymore.

A light 24x3 slick tire that is nice for trials and urban riding. I believe Kris Holm was the first to use that tire on a unicycle. It rolls very nicely and is lighter than a Gazz or any other knobby DH tire. It also has a thin sidewall so it needs more air pressure than a Gazz or DH tire to keep from folding over or pinch flatting.

The tire was orginally designed for the Dyno Kustom Kruiser bicycles. See <http://www.bicyclerevolution.com/cruisers.html> for some pictures of some of the Dyno bikes. Or Google Dyno Kustom Kruiser for more pics.

Unfortunately Dyno went out of business. There is now some goober on eBay selling the tires. He had a small batch made.
[RANT]Unfortunatly since he is selling them off one at a time on eBay they are a PITA to get and are going for way more than they should. I refuse to pay $80 (USD) or more for a stupid tire that originally sold for somewhere around $30 (USD) when Dyno was still in business. If he would just skip the eBay sillyness and sell them like a normal business for a fair price I would buy one.[/RANT]

If you can’t get a 24x3 Fireball a 24x2.5 Hookworm is a good alternative.

While people are talking about jumping on a 24", what size tyre would people recommend for trials on a 24"? Currently I’m using a halo ception tyre (2.6" Muni), which I chose because I thought it would get most of the advantages of a big tyre, but would be a bit lighter. However, does the extra bounciness of a 3" tyre make up for the extra weight?

I used to use a 26 x 2.7, which is pretty similar to a 24x2.6 in most respects. It worked fine, But when I switched, I noticed. It made it easier to just higher, and it seemed to hook up better. although, if your tire isnt in need of replacement yet, keep using it and switch when your current one is dead.

More experienced riders than I have responded to this thread, but what about appropriate pressures for riding the trail and then having to hop up an incline?

I get a mean tire fold over if I ride at around 15 psi or less. This occures when I have to stall on a trail and then continue by hopping(attempting) further up. I weigh 166 lbs.

But, that might be my rim. It’s a Sun BFR with a 24" x 3" Gazz on it. A double wide or Alex rim, may not have this problem.

I don’t want to stop to pump up the tire just to get over a spot on the trail. I would rather walk it, which is definately an alternative. So to comprimise, I have been running at 18 psi to 20 psi. However, I agree, you definately get more cush and push back when hoppin up onto something with lower pressures. It’s hopping up the inclines that messes things up(for me).

The BFR explodes the problem, but it still exists with a dblwide/dx32. I ride my tire firm enough not to bottom out, but soft enough to absorb hits, and on my Intense 24" I dont have a problem. Back 2 years ago when I used my 26" intense with a Mammoth, which is basically a bigger BFR, I had the same problem your having.

That’s all really helpful.


You were saying that your tyre folds at 15 or less hopping up mountains. What about doing gaps and just general side hops? I’m thinking about the long jump at UniNats this year. Also, how far is it from the outside of the rim to the outside of the tyre?