Tyre choices - why do we use Gazz's?

I’ve ridden my beast of a custom muni for the last 8 months with a 3.0" Gazz and think it’s a magnificent tyre, but what is it that makes it apparently so much better than other tyres in the 24 x 2.6 - 3.0" range? I’m speaking strictly about muni here. The only things I can think of are the fact that it’s almost the same diameter as a 26" but with heaps more bounce, you can run it at a low pressure, and it has thick sidewalls. Are there any other huge advantages of it over another similar tyre? I’m particularly interested in the shape side of things.

Just curious.

It has a flat profile to won’t roll as much on the trail

Northwest facts.

Gazzalodis are big and heavy,they also stick in the mud.a certian amount of “crazyness” can be exerted on them but they tend to bogg me down…