Typical Newbie Question (torker or club)

I was researching the boards and decided I am not sure what everyone things, im getting a lot of reactions for both unicycles, but not really compared.

I am a beginner, can’t ride yet.
I am on a very low budget, like under 150$. (preferably with shipping)
However, I want to learn to ride, and eventually get to Trials. I cannot afford a trials uni new.

I looked at the torker LX, which doesn’t look very aggressive but seems like people believe it can handle newbie learning riding and light tricks.

Also, I was told the club 20" is a good learning cycle. haven’t seen much as far as learning tricks though.

Perhaps people can help me out in comparing the two, or even pointing me in another direction.


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The lx 24 would be my bet at first thought. The clubs are newish while the lx has been around a long time. On the plus side for the club, Nimbus is a serious brand that is unlikely to make a bad mistake, as if it was their first time making a square hub. I would guess that the lx and club are of equal strength, more or less.

A big bonus for the club is that you can order it with a KH seat upgrade and in any color you want. That kinda leans me to the club. Put colored Odessy PC pedals on it, for about 15 $, and get your favorite color of KH street seat. I am usually not much for fashion, but those are the best parts, it is kinda cool that you can upgrade to a favorite color KH seat and not have to buy the Torker seat, plus a new seat post plus a new KH seat to get the cool setup. The best uni cash you can ever spend will be the cheap upgrade to a KH seat.

So, based on the above reasons, plus the lack of complaints about the clubs so far, get a club in your color and a KH seat. The lx isn’t all that strong either really, these are both light duty learners.

Thank you.
I should purchase tomorrow in Electric Green!
I need to figure out the inseam thing though in order to know my seatpost.
I figure it’s about 32"
So I’m not sure which one of these options to choose…

Minimum Inseam Length Required For:

200 post - 25 inches
300 post - 27 inches
400 post - 30 inches

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After writing that, I took a closer look at the clubs “cheap KH seat upgrade”. I figured it was maybe 15 or 20 $. They want 40 $ for the upgrade LOL ! The KH seat itself costs 42 $.

So maybe my advice isn’t so good. UDC can be funny sometimes, the way they price stuff isn’t really logical.

We are left with how much you like to choose frame colors, as the advantage of the club over an lx. If you like that, be sure to check out the colored pc pedals. If you get a Torker, the black pc pedals are slightly cheaper, you should get pc pedals what ever you buy. Stock pedals are slippery and lame.

I think i’ll probably purchase the club 20" if I dont hear back about a used uni.

I really am not sure about what size post I want?
Inseam is about 32, i’d have to guess.

omgggg it’s coming in Friday and I cannot wait!