Types of Unicycling

I was wondering exactly how many kinds of unicycling are their and what are they. I only know of Trial, Mountain, Girafe, and Ultimate Wheel Unicycling. Are there more and if so how should I equipe my uni for that kind of riding.



There are bunches; a few more are freestyle, long-distance, commuting, touring, and multiple-wheel. One unicycle won’t do it all, but with any one unicycle you can do an amazing amount of stuff. I’ve ridden miles on a freestyle, done freestyle things on a long-distance, and gone to the store on a mountain unicycle. So the main thing is to learn the one you have really well and stick with it.

Too many definitions! Too many categories! The essence of unicycling is elegant minimalism.

Within MUNI, there are people who simply ride off road on trails, people who ride cross country, people who only ride downhill, people who prefer the challenge of uphill, people who go for distance, people who go for technical difficulty, people who only ever roll the wheel, others who look for every opportunity to hop or jump…

So within trials, freestyle, street, street circus, etc. etc. there must be a similar range of options.

A good all round choice is a 24 with a reasonably knobbly tyre (but not too extreme) and cranks around 125 - 150mm, and a spare set at around 102 - 110 mm. This will do some pretty challenging off roading, a few stunts, idle and reverse with enough precision for simple performances, hop and bounce a bit… and it’s a reasonable size to let your mates try out.

A 24 with 150s will go up most hills, down most, and be controlable in mud ‘n’ slime. With 110s or 102s, it will average 7+ mph on long road trips and you can fairly easily get 12 - 15 mph out of it in short bursts.

And when you find which of these disciplines suits you, then’s the time to specialise, upgrade, adapt, or simply add to your fleet.

Don’t worry about it, Nu_Uni. You can do anything on any uni. You simply have to equip yourself. (Practice, Practice, Practice) I’m a newbie such as you, and my 24 inch Bedford can do anything I make it do.

Nicely said, Mikefule.