tying a unicycle seat HELP

i always see people with there seats tied and have this thing dangling behind it…what does this do…and can someone pleeeeezzzzzzzz tell me how to do this

If you like the look of it, you need to get a seat with a cover that is kept on by cinching a shoelace closed (KH, Nimbus, just about any other high-end seat). Then, you may have to replace the existing shoelace with a longer one. After that, cinch it up, tie it tight and let it dangle. I tuck all of mine in the back bumper though because I HATE the lace dangling

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would a koxx1 seat work

Does it have a string that cinches it up that’s tied off in the back? If so… yes.

Usually it’s only done with koxx one seats, because they’re stapled on. Most people break the seat base and then they have to take the cover off to put a carbon fiber one in, and then they poke holes in the cover and lace it up. There’s not really any reason to do it unless you have to.

Basically what Julia said… I just took a knife and placed holes down both sides of my seat and laced a shoelace through it.

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Thank you Tirving. You have helped us.