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I’m new in this forum. I come from the north of France and next year, I’ll be near NYC.
This is my last video, but it’s quite old now. http://vimeo.com/818805
Enjoy :smiley:

Just so people won’t get confused. :stuck_out_tongue:
Loved the Riding.

WOW…skills man…that was awesome. I really like the music.

This really proves how much talent exists outside this forum and community! I thought that like all the best(and even just decent) riders in the world were already on here for sure…but again, im proven horribly wrong! This sport is much larger than i thought!

I think that the best flatland riders are in Europe and especially in France, because in USA, almost the only one is Spencer Hochberg, after, there are some in Canada.
For street and muni, I think the americans are the best.

its actually… pretty small. haha

great street skills though:)

WOW awesome video! Welcome to the forums.:smiley:

Ah yes! I have heard about you. Spencer told me that you beat me to the outdoubleback :angry: lol.

Welcome man.

Nice moves for sure…

Dang you look tall on the Uni :astonished:

That was cool. Great vid, man. Loved the contrast, sick tricks. A+. Welcome to the forums. What brings you near NYC? Stay in touch I would love to get together for some rides, as I am not far from there myself.

but still goes much farther than this forum…and i always end up thinking that EVERY unicyclist is on hear but i am totally wrong

I subscribed to this awesomenesss!

Yes I’m rather tall, 1m93 (I don’t know in inches).

I go to USA to learn English and an other culture. In fact, now I know that I won’t be in NYC but in Newport, in the north of the state.

That was awesome, all I can say is maybe try and get better lighting in a few of the spots but everything, especially the riding and editing, were awesome.

Awesome video! Favorited :smiley:
You have a great style… And the edition was perfect :smiley:

I’m planning to live in France… And frensh riders are going to live in USA :o hehehe

welcome to the forums :smiley:

Bye :smiley:

Awesome vid.

I’ve heard Japan has one of the highest concentrations of unicyclists in the world (if not the highest).

I’ve also heard that there’s a lot in China.

I’ve never seen one person from either place on these fora.

I think everyone learns to ride at school in Japan. But France definitely seems to have the most and best flatland and street riders.

So maybe instead of trying to get more riders in the US to get better at flat, we should just convince more french guys to move here.
The vid is awesome, but I am sure I said that to Ty 3 months ago too.:slight_smile: