Two Year Universary!

Today is my two-year ‘universary’. Two years ago today, I (tried) to ride a unicycle and I was hooked the first moment I tried it. It’s been an amazing two years of riding, making friends, going to beautiful places, and self-discovery.

I don’t have a unicycle with me now, but I hope to have one soon so I can continue enjoying my favorite sport. Cheers to unicycling and to everything that brings us joy in life! :heart::grin::raised_hands:


Really nice set of pictures and congrats on the two years!

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Congrats on your universary! :clap: The pictures are nice and that rocky path looks a bit scary.

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Congratulations! I’m coming up on my 2 year “universary” in June. I too was hooked from the moment I first got on a uni, immediately fell off, followed by many more times falling off :wink:

Looks like you’ve come a long way these past 2 years! Awesome pics, thanks for sharing

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Thank you so much! :grin:

Thank you so much! Yes some of the tech has been scary, but fun! :grin: :uni: :uni2:

Congrats to you too! Yes, I was the same way, trying to ride and then falling but totally hooked haha.

Aw thank you, I really enjoy it! Keep riding, cheers! :uni: :uni2:

What unicycle is that?

@DanH In the pictures I posted, there’s a Sun 24" and a URC 26". :slightly_smiling_face:

Congrats! It’s really amazing to see what you have achieved within this time. I ride nearly 24 years now and can only dream of being as good as you on the muni.
And I’m really grateful for everythin you’re doing for the community of muni riders, locally and world wide. Our sport needs young, active and dedicated riders like you. Thank you and all the best wishes for all of the next years.

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Aww thank you so much! My best friend Akira really helped me become the rider I am now. He put me on difficult trails and I learned a lot. I really love MUni!

Aww thank you so much, I love the MUni community, the sport itself, and sharing/receiving photos and videos. Thank you so much for your kind words. I’ll be posting more content once my set-up in Ireland is more complete.

Thank you again and keep riding!

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