Two wheels are better than one.

After many years of riding a unicycle, I have come to realize that two wheels are better than one. I have converted and therefore, I’d like to let you all know that will be migrating over to be a bicycling site in the next few days. Please check out for the full details.

Don’t even dream of making those threats true…
Happy April Fool’s day,

Re: Two wheels are better than one.

oh geez I would have killed someone if you were srious…

Two wheels are better than one.

Nice one!

Sleepy, not yet had a sip of java, bypassing the news of the day I open my favorite site for my morning fix and my computer screen screams that Ive been cut-off from the support group that I’ve come to depend on. WHAT! Horror upon horror! … How we take this site for granted. Nice one.


Try something believeable next april first. oh, and by the way, I had a UPD off my giraffe yesterday, and got a mild concussion.
-David Kaplan

Re: Two wheels are better than one.

From that photo, I’d have to agree!

Ha ha, nice gag!


Excellent shock quality. Good joke. Great site. Thanks for everything.

Where do I plug the embilicus back in? I must have pulled it out when the siezure struck and my head hit the desk…

Bad Gilby, Bad! My hart can’t take any more stress. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Gilby, that was really a bad joke. Don’t make fun with things which are so serious ;-)) is a very good place (the only) to discuss unicycle topics. Thanks you for this possibility.

Greetings from Germany

that was good,and almost as funny as posting in silver

:astonished: Holy crap!!! oh good it was a joke! for a second i thaught gilby went loony! well i shouldnt speak because i ride a 2 wheeled wonder. Also good news is that my heart started beating after being shocked from the fake news and i am getting good at gliding and went about 50 ft today! woo hoo. (no that is not a joke. i really did do that).

 Kyle Grasso