Two-wheeler for sale (UK)

Two-wheeler built by Dave Mariner about five years ago. I really fancied the
challenge, managed to ride it a bit - including one charity ride (in a gorilla suit,
would you believe!) - and have since then left it in my garage. I think it needs a
new home, with someone who might take it out of the garage more than once a


  • It’s a DM, so it is built like the proverbial outside loo, perhaps a little heavier
    than other similar machines, but not too bad.
  • Adjustable bottom wheel so you can get the friction just right for the pressure
    you use.
  • Nice red cranks to go with the nice red Primo tyres.
  • Very good condition aside from some foam damage to the front of the DM seat.

I’m interested in any serious offers, but have a figure in mind. I’m sure we could
work something out. Not sure how to organise delivery as postage might be
prohibitively expensive and I don’t go to so many conventions these days. I can
deliver myself over reasonable distances - I’m near Cambridge. Open to suggestions on this.






i’ll pass this on to a friend of mine, i’ve been promising to build him one for years and it doesn’t look like it’s ever going to get done.