Two Videos of Dan Heaton on


There is a new commercial from Columbia Sportswear on the frontpage of if you go down to the bottom middle of the screen.

In addition, if you click the arrow next to that icon and then click the new image that shows up, there is a much longer cut with an interview…


:astonished: Great work Dan !!! Cant wait for your other surprise :wink:

Really fantastic profile! Question though. Quoted from the announcer: “Offroad unicycling didn’t exist until he (Dan) and his buddies had the vision for it” Hmm, I didn’t know Dan Heaton was one of the “Pioneers” who invented MUni! Wow, that’s sure news to me! Would his “Buddies” as the announcer said, include Kris Holm and George Peck? :slight_smile: (In the video Dan is heard saying that he was NOT a pioneer of MUni, so I think they maybe misquoted him)

Those videos were awesome Dan, it’s good to finally see some more stuff from you again. Can’t wait to see what else you’ve got planned for the unicylcist community.

Yeah, my buddies do include Kris Holm and George Peck :wink:

Sometimes the terms and context of things get mixed up in these type of spots and you really take what you can get.

Of course I wasn’t one of the inventors of mountain unicycling, but I was mountain unicycling fairly early on in the sport and was one of the first riders that was riding North Shore style trails (a few years after Kris).

I think the term “off-road unicycling” in this context refers not just to MUni, but also street and trials too…

Ok cool. I thought they decided to use the term “offroad” since it’s a much more familar term to non-riders than the word “MUni.” I have always thought of “offroad unicycling”-as in non-paved areas and trails- as the same as MUni.

Well put.

I think the clip w/interview was much better done. Good job, Dan! You still continue to be an ambassador to the sport. And you did an excellent job of representing the spirit of ‘off-road’ styles of unicycling. Pretty inspirational, as has been all of your footage, and your own productions that I’ve seen over the years.

Nice work, Dan, that’s fantastic! Great to see unicycling skill given some positive attention on a national scale.

Columbia is right here in the Portland area too. Funny, I wore their pants for four unicycle cyclocross races last fall, and Columbia never called me. I also broke my collarbone doing muni on a short track course three weeks ago in those pants. I got a big scrape on my knee, but the pants came through fine.

-Ben Schoenberg

i can’t find the video :frowning:

Nice one Dan, really great interview.

Did you get loads of sweet Columbia stuff? :wink:

@t 1Radler:

You have to click on us website the europe page is different

Great videos/photos! I didnt know you’re into Muni. Looks like some nice trails around there.

Whats the medal for?

Sweet vidoe and interview, I hope you start riding (more seriously) again.

Looks like he got: A Multi Pitch Shell (waterproof jacket), Omni-Dry Silver Ridge Convertible Pants, and Pagora Shoes.

On the left of the page there is a “Meet Dan Heaton” tab. Click it and then (read it and) click “view Dan’s gear” on the bottem right.

The medal is the “Gert Boyle Medal of Merit”. I think if you click around on the site you can find more information about that…

That’s awesome.

Has anyone been seeing it on TV? I haven’t yet… what channels has it been on?

great inerview and shoot dan. really makes the sport look good.

haha i like the epic like movie trailer music in the backround of the interview one :wink: