Two Unicycles custom K1 and Onza

I’m selling two unicycles. One is a K-1 with carbon-fiber seat base, Kris Holm post, worn Odessey PC pedals, and moto-x tube the rest stock K-1. The other an Onza with 125 Qu-Ax cranks, Nimbus seat, some “clunker” pedals, and Kris Holm post, the rest is stock. Look at the pics for more specs or just ask me. The Onza has a flat spotted rim, clunker pedals, worn CC, and one crank that wiggles up and down still quite rideable. I’m asking $175 for the Onza OBO. The K-1 is in good shape except for the Pedals (worn), scratched frame and parts, and an old rim that needs some truing. Maybe the K-1 needs a new rim (I’ll check into that). I rode it for awhile without problems though and I’m not so easy on stuff. $430 OBO

would you sell the k1 wheel? is the onza isis? also you can buy a new k1 like that for under 300$ brand new

Price drop on the K-1. Found a similar k-1 for about $410 U.S. I’ll go for $350 OBO for it. Comes with CF base. Will part out if I have buyers for all or most of the parts.

I may tale the k1 wheel and cranks and deff the whole onza

Bump and price drop on both. Will part out on the K-1, but looking to sell it whole for $300. Frame for $70 and seat plus post for $100 (have buyer for wheel set). Onza price drop to $150. I could part out on the Onza, but I really would not like to.

Bump and update. Koxx still whole. Purchase fell through. Onza for $125. Can part out for both unicycles. And might do trade.

i would take the k1 unicycle for a brand new 5 foot nimbus(ridden about 3 times)

Sorry, not interested. I think I should recall the trade thing as I would not be interested in very many unicycles. Pretty much the only uni I’d be interested in would be a 26" muni. And that is a little iffy as I will be very busy at my school the semester after next.