Two Times The Unicycling

I have jsut finished my newest video. I have been working on it for a while and should have a new one up soon. YouTube kind of destroys the quality. All coments are appreciated.

nice. good work keep it up. better than me…

you’re really good, how long have you been riding?

That was good, im impressed.

You’re good at crankflips, I still can’t do them.

very good.
on small critique… dont jump with 2 hands.
other than that good job!


I think thats very much a personal stylistic preference, if the upper body strength isn’t there I don’t see whats wrong with using two hands other than the fact that it may inhibit tucking ability.

You’ve gotten real good, keep it up. Hickflips next! That is unless you can already do them, I bet you are really close at least.

Nice vid. Try not to prehop… or edit it out of the video.
nice variety of skills of locations. Keep it up!

Yeah, I have to agree with Amanda.
Nice work on the crankflip.
I think I need to get back to my crankflip some of these days, I have landed a couple.
But maybe, like someone else said to, try and work on one handed hops.
They have more style and you have more balance when you have a hand at free.
But anyway, keep up te good work.

Peter M

Yeah you pretty much got those spins and flips on lock. Song was good and so was the riding.

Cool! I really like your flips, I still can’t do them :roll_eyes: The 3 spins are cool too, you do them alot better than me. :smiley:

Like the 1ft wheel walk, nice interesting vid too

Daring pick up on the dock. I’d still be looking for the uni at the bottom of the lake

nice skills. You make me feel bad. Looking forward to some more videos. Your crankflips make me envious.

problem w/ using two hands to jump: your arm has weight- more controlled weight= more hop height.

Hey everyone,
Thanks for all the comments so far. I have been unicycling for probably about 10 months. I am going to start working on my next video very soon, whith less prehops and jumping with one hand. :slight_smile:

You could try swing the free hand up to get extra momenton

Hey, here is the gallery link. It has way better quality.

loved the song and ur 360 unispins r rly rly good lol…

Inward smallspin :astonished: . Awesome, props on all the cool tricks.

Dam, that’s really good for two months!!

Two hands on seat hop may be partly because women naturally have a bit less upper body strength, but one hand would be better.

Yeah, you can use your free had for improved ballance and to gain upward momentum.

If you arm tires quickly you could learn to do it w/ the other hand. I had this issue a bit while learning to ride SIF. Beeing ambidextrous could make some trials lines easier, someone hear notice that.