Two sets of 2004 Magura HS33 Limited Edition Olympia brakes with the gold lever

I would like to buy this Magura HS33 olymp with golden Lever for my mountain bike. I need the brake for both wheels.
I am looking forward to get a reply.

Yes, I do have one boxed set of new 2004 Olympia brakes, but they are my last new set - so the price is kind of high: $300 USD for the set - plus shipping. They do come with mounts, the gold boosters and a nifty Magura Olympia watch. Let me know if you want to see some pics.

I also have black, grey or yellow sets, some new and some used - if you are interested in these??


Pics for Falco

  1. First three are of the boxed set of Olympias that come with a nifty Olympia Magura watch
  2. The next two are of a used Silver brake set that I’ll upgrade the lever blades to new NOS CNC’d alloy levers (seen separately in the picture) for free.
  3. The last two is of the last used Olympia I have. Let me know if any of this looks good.

The pricing we discussed includes me setting these up for what ever brake line lengths you want.

Let me know if you have questions.


Pics for Dane M

Pics for Dane M

how much for just the watch?

Sorry, the watch comes with the brakes, so, um . . . its $300 plus shipping.



Yes, still have tons of HS33 and HS22 brakes here, both new and used and parts, mounts, bleed kits and pads as well.

PM me with your Magura rim brake needs.



Any of those green froggy brakes?

Silver is nice too :slight_smile:

So who makes the watch?

See PM Ben. Yes, I can separate a brake set for you to sell you a lever in black or silver, but no green frogs right now. I have no idea on the watch Mfg.


Pics for Ben

Hi Ben. This is the 2004 HS33 lever we discussed. It is in close to new condition. Let me know if you have questions. If I mail this tomorrow, it should be there by Friday.
Let me know,



Still have lots of new and used Magura HS33’s here and parts as well. PM me with your Magura rim brake needs.


Great job Brycer!

Just got my HS33 brake from Brycer in the mail, and installed it today. Very quick turnaround time from placing the order to receiving it, and it came with two pages of excellent instructions.

The neon yellow color complements the black Nimbus 26er perfectly. Brycer got the package in the mail like the same day I ordered it…it was crazy…it was in my hands so fast I had visions of Paramedics airlifting this vital uni organ across the country so I wouldn’t have to miss another day of hot Magura downhill braking action! :sunglasses:

Just a quick candid shot that I managed to get while my 36er and 26er were getting to know each other. If they mated I’m not sure what type of brake their offspring would have…is the disc brake a dominant or recessive gene?
Anyway, I’m just glad they are getting along :stuck_out_tongue:

Good to hear it got there so fast.