Two quick questions.

Since my unicycle hiatus will continue for 6 more weeks…6 looong weeks of looking at my shiny new trials uni, unable to ride it, I have resolved to gather my money and for starters, buy a new seat.

Is there any cheaper alternative to the top-of-the line Kris Holm seat? Or should I just bite the bullet and save up.

Also, how long did it take you guys to learn a 180 unispin? Was it hard or relativly easy? It’s the first trick I want to learn :smiley:

I found that the 180 unispin was quite hard to learn. But all tricks are hard for me to learn:D

It took me 3 days, and I practiced for several hours each day before I finally did one, then I lost them for about a month, and then I had to practice a lot more to get them consistant.

If you do a search on the forums and on youtube you will find several tutorials that would really help you.

Yes I’ve watched the tutorials and I have read about doing one, but reading and watching is far from doing, but I KNOW that I will be practicing hours a day for the first few weeks when I can unicycle again, so I am not discouraged.

Well… the Nimbus seats are like the KH seats just without the removable covers.

I would still go for the KH, because its easier to upgrade to a CF base later

Might as well add another question while I’m at it.

Can I take the seat off of my Torker and just put the KH on?
Or will other things need to be bought as well?

(Sorry to sound like a forum newbie but I’m basically a unicycle newbie too)

No. You will need a new seatpost in 25.4 like this one:

180 spins arnt to hard. Strang and hard at first but it just takes some getting use to.

if you have a DX you don’t need a seatpost, if you have an LX or CX or AX then you do.

This is what I was going to say.

The Torker DX uses a standard Velo base, just like the KH uni, so if you have a DX uni, you can just swap the seats. The Torker LX and all other types have the miyata style seat, which is a different bolt pattern than the Velo base, and it wont fit.

I have both downstairs, and havent really compared the two side by side yet, but there might be a way to make a Miyata style seat fit to a KH post. Though that might be too much work to be worth it.

Just to clear things up, Torkers are 25.4mm but as mornish said - the DX post will work fine with the KH seat however the others wont because there is a different bolt pattern on those.

Sorry, forgot to specify, it’s a DX, thank you for the insight.