two quick questions

Hey everyone,

I’ve been thinking of upgrading, but I’m not sure.

I’ve been wanting an KH20 frame for awhile now, because it looks like it has more foot contact/placement than the Nimbus II. Is this true? Does the 200 gram weight difference (between the two frames) make any big difference? Is 200 grams a big deal?

Is there any way to flatten a Nimbus II crown (so that it resembles a KH Frame, without losing strength)

When I put moments on my Nimbus, how will it compare to a KH?

First off I am too stupid to know what type of unicycle a Nimbus II is. The 200 gram weight difference between the frames, in my opinion makes absolutly no difference what so ever.

It’s funny, when I lift my KH 20" (5.7KG) and then lift up my friend’s Nimbus X Street (5.8KG) The Nimbus is actually feels so much lighter. The KH frame and seatpost is a whole lot lighter than the Nimbus but the Wheel Set of the KH (+ moments and alloy pedals) is heavier.

I’ve ridden a Nimbus Trials with moment’s and with quax cranks. You can certainly feel the difference (well I did…)

Sorry if the answers are not what your looking for, just I’m not sure about what Nimbus you mean. :stuck_out_tongue:

Do the math. A 20" Nimbus II weighs 4900 grams. How does 200 compare to 4900?

There are many ways… but you haven’t told us what resources you have available to you? Do you have a welder? Is there a welding shop nearby? You could easily have the space betw. the frame and the seat tube “filled in” with some scrap metal.