Two on a Uni

At MUC mtg last night, Craig and I had the brilliant idea of both of us riding on the same uni. No not one on the others shoulders. Me sitting/riding normally, Craig standing behind me, with his feet on either side of the crown and holding onto my shoulders.

Several times we got a couple of revs and tipped over. The last attempt resulted in a sizable crash with Craig flat on his back with a nasty shin gash.

Has anyone else accomplished this?

I’m 185 and Craig is 170. I would say a 70 pound kid on the back would be easier, but I wouldn’t want to put one in too much jeopardy if its not doable. (We’re not chinese acrobats, they do many undoable stunts).

We’re just looking for something with a bit of pizzazz.

Re: Two on a Uni

David Stone’s daughter does it one-footed.

And a couple on my former uni club did it differently when the male rode normally and the female stood on his feet facing him (so she went backwards). They were holding hands I think. Sorry no photo.

I haven’t seen the infamous level 11 yet.

Klaas Bil

I remember seeing someone riding (sitting forwards on the saddle). As they did this a second smaller person stood on the back of the saddle and held onto the riders shoulders for balance. They were asisted into the position and didn’t hold it for long.

I have not tried it myself - yet.