two on a uni!

yesterday me and my new aquaintance mica managed to do two on a uni.

i just grab her shoulders and jump up and land my feet on the crown (its a sem xl frame).

we didn’t try it the othe way around though because she’s taller than me.

however it didn’t take us long to learn.

were doing a unicycling show for the beltane fire society’s equinox night at cabaret voltaire in edinburgh if anybody happens to be there on tuesday the 25th of this month.

being somewhat isolated in the unicycling world it was nice to meet mica at the scotish juggling convention.

at last theres someone in central scotland as obsessed as me!

p.s. greame where have you been? perhaps your equaly obsessed too but i havent seen you for ages.

Re: two on a uni!

On Tue, 11 Mar 2003 13:29:39 -0600, evilewan
<> wrote:

>i just grab her shoulders and jump up and land my feet on the crown (its
>a sem xl frame).

Nice. I’ve witnessed a French pair (sorry, don’t know their names). He
would ride forward towards her standing on the ground facing him. Then
they would grab each others hands and she stepped on his feet. So she
sort of rode backwards, resting on her feet and hanging backwards
suspended by her (and his) arms.

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been through to edinburgh again to practice with Mica yesterday,

nearly got the two on a uni thing completely nailed.
the secret being, just hold on for dear life. if both people are confident unicyclists it should just work.

we’ve got a our show pretty much sorted now, i suspect that we’ll have perfected it by the time we have to perform.
the show’s going to be a little cheesy but hey, i’ve done worse. (like jumping over a “double decker bus”.
and the crowd will be a non unicycling bunch anyway.

We would love to see a picture of this manouvre.

I know I could get my littlest daughter on my shoulders, but it sounds like your way has more “show”.

i’ll see what i can do,

my digital camera is pretty poor but i’ll try and get some pics