Two Nimbus Stealth 36 inch (787 x 38 mm) 36 hole rims

Two Nimbus Stealth 36 inch (787 x 38 mm) 36 hole rims for sale. One is drilled and the other is not.

These are not the current Stealth II rims. It is challenging to remove and install tires on these rims.

$30 for the non-drilled rim.

$50 for the drilled rim.

I am located in Germantown, Maryland for pick up which is about 30 miles northwest of Washington D.C. Willing to ship but buyer pays for shipping from zip code 20874.

I was able to get tires off of mine pretty easily with a few pedros levers. Finding spokes long enough on the other hand? Maybe there are some wider flanged hubs out there.

These are not as deep as the stealth 2, so you will need long spokes. I think 375mm was the measurement I ended up with with a nimbus super-wide hub. It would probably work fine with a standard 100mm.

Shipping details

I have received a few inquiries about shipping. Here is some information to help you calculate the shipping costs. The shipping box I have is 36 inches x 36 inches x 8 inches and weighs 6 pounds empty. The drilled rim weighs 2.25 pounds (1020 grams) and the non-drilled rim weighs 2.43 pounds (1100 grams).

I also have some other 36er parts available.

10 brand new, unused spokes (371 mm) and nipples for the Stealth rims. I also have 36 used (but not abused) spokes/nipples of the same length. $20 for all 46 spokes, which is the cost of 10 new spokes from UDC.

A practically new Nightrider tire (used for less than 10 miles). $50

A 36er butyl inner tube. $10

A used adjustable KH 25.4 mm seat post. $15

A used non-adjustable Nimbus 25.4 mm seat post. $10

I can post pictures of any items of interest.

Going from a steel rim to this one would I need slightly longer spokes? What did you switch to? I’m still running a square taper hub and steel rim so a bit stuck in the past.

I am not sure about the spoke length difference between a steel rim and the Nimbus Stealth rim. I checked the UDC spoke length calculator and did not see a 36er steel rim option.

I switched to the Nimbus Stealth 2 rim.

I can’t give you numbers but the spokes will need to be a bit shorter, not longer.

If you are lucky a bike shop might be able to roll some more thread onto your spokes to allow you to reuse them, saving the considerable cost of new 36er spokes.

I am interested in the undrilled rim and spokes. Wondering if it’s possible to ship the rim unboxed to save on shipping costs. At $30 it’s worth the risk of bending to potentially save almost the same amount on shipping.

Let me know if you find a shipper that would take it unboxed.

I have been able in the past to ship a Duro wrapped in a trash plastic bag (like the big ones) with UPS. The address was taped on the plastic bag it looked funny but worked. YMMV.

These two 36er rims are still available.

hello I might be interested in the 36er butyl inner tube also the tire but have you got any idea how much shipping would be to the uk?

The 36er butyl inner tube has been sold. The tire is available but I think shipping to the UK would be expensive.

okay thanks never mind.

All items have been sold.