TWO NEW VIDEOS: "Devil's slide" & Perry's

Yesterday was about as PERFECT a day for muni as I’ve ever had. Location-wise and weather-wise! For all those nay-sayers who warned that it would be “blisteringly hot!”, it was about 75 degrees when we started at 5pm, with a nice breeze, and the mountainous terrain provided shade.

“Devi’s slide” in Simi valley for my money is THE muni experience. Beautiful, picture-postcard terrain, all downhill with shuttle (second car) waiting at bottom, and HUGELY technical, ALL Moab-like smooth, undulating rock with an endless supply of ledge drops of all sizes. Just picturesque and fantastic in all respects. We even saw a baby mountain lion (in the video).

The second vid is a quicky that shows Perry’s Progress. He’s still pretty new at muni/uni but is improving daily! I added some fun sound FX to that vid. Anyway, these are just for fun.:slight_smile: :sunglasses: :D:p

Devil’s Slide:

Perry’s Progress:

That looks like a totally SWEET place to muni, though the brush at the beginning looked like thorn (read “flats”) paradise!

You’re becoming quite the editing guru, too. Keep it up!

That looks like a great place to ride, I need to visit you down there sometime! =p

I like perrys progression vid too, I wasnt expectiong some of the sounds from it. lol

That place looks totally great, I must get there sometime. Used to rock climb there years back. Hard to tell but wasn’t that kitty a bobcat? Glad you got nice weather too!

I had forgotten how really awsome and challenging that place was, so I will prolly be going there much more regularly! The sound fx on the second vid were just for fun sake, but I esp. like the “dropping bomb” sound on the slo-mo upd. Funny I haven’t seen any other vids with sound effects. I guess depending on how they’re used, they can spice up and add humor to a video.:smiley:

Man you have such awesome places to ride. Every single video of yours I see i’m like “damn I want to ride there so bad”.

Stupid flat Florida.

Hard to believe you guys were riding there yesterday–when I was driving back from SB it was 107 in the Valley.

After about twenty laps down the Slide (a great training ride) we stopped shuttling and now just ride to the bottom of the rock tongue, hike back to the top and do it again. Repeat till exhaustion. Another way to squeeze the most out of the ride it to stop and session on everything and ride multiple lines, and then try and ride the whole thing sans rest–that will really gas the quads.

Only wish the Slide was in the local Santa Monica Mts. instead of 30 miles away.

Next stop for you boys: G-Spot, just up the road.


Man you guys are waaaay more hardcore than I’ll ever be! But I/we’re just happy as pigs in slop to just enjoy the hell out of every square inch of that trail!:smiley: We were talking about the fact that we could just do maybe 2/3 of it, then hike back up and do it again…an even again! We just love that place!!! We’ll be back again this Sat or sun with same start time of 4-5-ish.

And it’s ironic that just on the other side of the freeway-“hummingbird” (which I LOATHE) would have been heat-stroke suicide! No shade and DIRECT SUN for the entire loooong ride down! But there was still a good strong breeze, which might have provided some heat relief. Yep, this time out, “Devil’s Slide” was an “Angel”!

Hey terry, do you happen to have a youtube account or something simmilar. I have always wanted to see your videos but have only seen like one cause they wont load on my computer. Coud you maybe put them on youtube or google or something cause i would really like to see what everyone is complimenting you on. thanks!

nice videos and really nice places to ride

THey’re on Youtube now.:smiley: the links are on the top of this thread: NEW VIDEO: "Labor day Beach Jam 9.4.06" (and more)